Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oh MY!

OH MY!!! I have been so lax about this blog! So many things have happened over the past several months. First of all, I obtained a job at a Local Quilt Shop in March. This has been quite an experience ... so far. Certainly have met some wonderful people and great co-workers.
On the creative side ... a number of projects have been completed.

In April .......
                                           My favorite pair of jeans became a purse :)

                                                   Hanging for the front door for the warm
                                                   weather months.

                                           A UFO got completed it sits on a shelf. :(

In May

                                                    for Joanna's front door

and for Mandy's front door

In June                                                                                                                                                       

a table runner and placemats for my cousin's
bridal shower. ;)

In July     back to some actual quilts :)                                                                                                                          This lap quilt was for our family's
Christmas In July Picnic.
My oldest brother, Butch
took it home

A Charity lap quilt for
Rolling Thunder.


My nephew Davey and his girlfriend Breanna were about to become new parents.
Davey's favorite color is purple and Bre loves butterflies.
So here's what was sent to the Baby Shower.


My youngest grandaughter was celebrating her 1st birthday
a new wallhanging for her room.

and getting ready for Halloween
these two doorhangings will be
sent to daughter's homes.
2 down, 2 to go. :)

I also participated in an online Table Runner Swap.

and a Tote Bag swap

October, well, just getting things going, however, I did attend a class to make my own tote bag. Although I think it will end up being a Christmas present. was very pleased with the results.

So that's it for now, currently am working on a Mystery Quilt project. They are really fun. As well, need to finish the other two Halloween doorhangings. Then a number of UFO's that need to be done for Christmas.
Til next time. Happy stitching!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Small Project Binding Tutorial.

Has been some time since I have been here. But today I will show how to put a nice binding on a small project....... Here we go...........

                  Cut your backing fabric 1 1/2 inches larger than the project square & batting.

                Fold in and press

                        Fold the edge toward the square and press

                          Fold again .... press and pin, repeat for the opposite side

                Stitch down both sides ........ I am using a decorative stitch for this one

                 Go back to the ironing board and fold, press and pin the two remaining sides

                  Stitch down the remaining two sides.

                   WAA-LAA ....... and you are done.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Lordy! It has been an exciting week around here. I have been wanting to expand my skills for quite some time now and to do that would require expanding the range of proper tools. So, a few weeks ago I checked out Craig's List. and found FELIX. :)   Felix is a 8 year old Pfaff Grand Quilter with a 10 foot Inspira frame. I have been so excited.

So Felix's & my first quilt is done. It's just a lap quilt with stippling on it. We are having fun getting to know each other. We have many, many projects planned for the future.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Krystal's Ohio Sentiments Quilt.

So my youngest daughter's best friend moved to Texas from Ohio in June. Krystal wanted to take some warmth from Ohio with her. It's a whole new adventure for her...migrating from the state where her family is (Ohio) to the state where her hubby's family is.(Texas)  Here's the quilt that I made for her.
The corner blocks are Texas Rose Blocks and all the others are the Ohio Star Block. :)


                                       Krystal & her mom, Angie

                                  the BFF's:  Krystal & Roni

                            Cleveland Browns

                            Cleveland Cavaliers
                           Krystal's doggie Augie -- daschaund

                                 High School friends

                              Hubby James

                           Cleveland Indians

                              Ohio State Buckeyes

                          Mom & Step-dad

                            Krystal's passion is her music :)


           Just cannot send the child to Texas without some Snow

                                State Wildlife Animal:  White-tail Deer

                                 State Beverage

                                 State Bird

                                 State Flower: Red Carnation

                                 State insect: Ladybug

                                 State Rock Song

                                State Song - Traditional